Problem / Opportunity:
Intricon Corporation is a world leader in the field of miniature electronics and worn communication devices for medical, hearing health, and professional audio.

Previous industrial headsets were perceived as unattractive, expensive, and uncomfortable. The products in existence did not look and feel strong, although some were in fact durable.

Intricon approached Raytech to develop an improved lightweight industrial headset that would look good, be strong and comfortable, and reflect the quality and high technology within. The product was designed to function in extreme environments found in industrial warehouses, and withstand factors such as humidity and high and low temperatures.

Features across this line of Intricon headsets include dual and single speaker configurations with waterproof ear cups, a swivel boom microphone which rotates over 270 degrees for left or right ear users, a single cable input, an adjustable headband with hidden retractable wiring, replaceable ear pads, and an additional design that folds flat for storage as well as comfortable adjusts to the users head using a series of extension, swivel and hinging features.

By combining a variety of features into the headset, Intricon was able to create solutions for various customers and markets as well as create both a mid-weight and ultra light headset design.


Raytech worked closely with Intricon to create a valuable solution that expanded to a line of three products to fit the market. Raytech provided aesthetic and mechanical concepts, full design for manufacturability, prototype construction, assembly, evaluation, and pre-production support for this line of headsets.