Problem / Opportunity:

Painting on extension ladders can lead to fatigue in the painter’s hands, feet, legs and back. Holding a full can of paint for an extended time also leads to muscular strain. For many painters, currently available cheap hooks and brackets designed to hold paint cans are more of a problem than an aid in painting. These issues were identified as the opportunity to create a rung-mounted painter’s tray for professional and do-it-yourself painters, based on a defined set of features and functionality.


The delivered design for the Painter's Tray is ergonomically designed. The product provides a solution for the painter so that they no longer need to hold onto the paint can while working from an extension ladder, and it allows the painter to stand in a relaxed position, reducing stress on the knees and feet.

The painter’s tray quickly fixes to the inside of a ladder rung and is engineered to be robust enough to carry both the paint can and supplies that you would ordinarily have to physically support while on the ladder.

Raytech’s team ended up providing a complete branding and product family solution to Rung-It. This branding package included the corporate logo and packaging design, and the set of products and accessories for the program.


Brainstorm Raytech’s user research team conference with the client to discover real scenarios that a painter goes through and how this new product would impact that experience.

Raytech’s design team worked closely with the client in the development of forms, component configurations and functionality that would appear intuitive both on the ground on twenty feet up in the air. This was accomplished through a combination of concept presentations and physical form study evaluations. Once the overall form and component layout was established, Raytech’s design and engineering team verified the strength of the device with software analysis and verified those findings with physical testing and evaluation.