Raytech’s engineering group provides computer assisted analysis services for complex fluid flow issues. Using traditional calculations combined with CFD simulation, Raytech’s engineering group can assist with the development of power and ventilation systems, recommend electronics packaging configurations (to prevent overheating in dense environments), calculate the flow through a system (engine, blower, valve, pump, reactor, etc) or estimate the effect of wind flow over or against a surface (wing, building, car, solar installation, etc).

Computational flow dynamics is a technology that offers a quick and accurate estimate of the effects of fluid flow. Using CFD, a computational model is built that represents a system or device for study. By applying fluid flow physics and chemistry to this virtual prototype, the software will output a prediction of the fluid behavior and related physical phenomena (such as the effect of the fluid flow on surfaces in its path). The proper use of CFD technology can replace the trial and error process common when designing complex systems that will be affected by fluid flow, and reduce the number of changes necessary during testing and refinement. This helps speed deployment of new installations and reduce cost of implementation.

Raytech Corporation Computational Flow Dynamics