Raytech Corporation employs graphic designers to complement the design process by adding the final touches to our client’s product packaging, corporate identity, web design, branding or any other visual presentation materials they may require. Our graphic design professionals articulate our customers’ message through a variety of visual means including typography, visual arts and page layout. We use the latest software and techniques to achieve high impact aesthetics that add value and shelf appeal to our client’s products.

Sample Methods:
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Corporate Identity
  • Other Presentation Layouts

As part of the new product launch, Raytech can design and create complimentary websites using the latest designs, coding languages and techniques. It is crucial for any product or company to put its best face forward by having a well designed and engaging marketing... read more
Raytech produces hand drawn and computer generated illustrations, in 2D and 3D. Illustrations convey concepts in early development and progress reviews to keep management informed. The images are often used by clients to inform partners, investors, sales personnel, and others... read more
Raytech animation specialists provide basic animations and advanced 3D simulations. The animations provide product movement demonstrations, physical simulations, contextual product video, etc. Clients are able to assess and demonstrate product features and functions in... read more
To address new or updated brand image, Raytech graphic design professionals provide corporate identity packages which include a wide range of collateral including business cards, letterhead, logos, brochures, envelopes, folders and a full complement of marketing materials... read more