Contextual research is field-based research. While this research can take multiple forms, the resulting data is based on an over-arching objective – identifying actions, perceptions and resulting purchase decisions in context of an intended environment. This tool minimizes the interpretation of how consumers try to recall activities (typically shared during focus group round table discussions). Contextual research reduces the requirement of consumer recollection and/or speculation regarding how they have acted or would act in certain situations such as space navigation and identification of messaging, product purchase, and product usage, and allows our clients to learn this information based on demonstrated actions and feedback from the intended and observed participants.

Meeting the end-user in their “home” environment enables the development team to construct a framework for product opportunities based on actionable data rather than intent or conjecture. This research method may include end-user contact, but in some instances, the research members may assume the role of pure observer.

Raytech Corporation Contextual Research