Raytech helps clients strategize and implement sourcing, procurement and production for new product development and product launch. The strategies optimize production chain factors such as manufacturing capacity, materials availability, vendor reliability, and total "in the box" cost and scheduling. Utilizing Raytech for these services allows client's management to focus on core activities involved with the business and marketing aspects of the introduction of products to market.

Sample Methods:
  • Assembly Procedures
  • Sub-assembly Kitting
  • Work Instructions
  • Vendor Qualification
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Tooling and First Article Qualification
  • Production Management

Our manufacturing experts provide clients with a full assembly procedure package, including assembly drawings and work instructions. Clearly defined assembly documents enable vendors to accurately quote the specified assembly, providing a level field for vendors to provide... read more
Raytech Corporation Vendor Qualification
The Raytech manufacturing team analyzes vendor capabilities relative to the quality and performance standards required of the product and projected production needs. This analysis can include quality system and documentation auditing and on site quality verification. Selecting the right... read more
Raytech Corporation Bid Evaluation
We help review and compare competitive bids, confirming whether the quoted production costs include all client specifications and requirements. The Raytech vendor bid review process helps clients evaluate proposals on a uniform basis, using a balanced, objective, value comparison... read more
Raytech Corporation Tooling/ First Article  Qualification
Raytech engineers inspect tooling drawings, production tools and first articles. Such inspections help provide confirmation that tools are capable of producing consistent quality, and that production parts meet specifications... read more
Raytech Corporation Production Management
Raytech provides end-to-end management of production chains, including purchasing services, vendor communications, quality assurance, inspection, logistics, and so forth. This allows our clients to focus on marketing and customer service with confidence that their production for new... read more